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Pull Up Assist

Do you want to increase the number of upper body workouts in your exercise routine, but are unable to do pull ups by yourself? Look no further than the Pull Up Assist! This FDM Acupressure Mat is designed to help build your strength and provide a safe way of performing pull ups

What Are Some Benefits of Using Pull up Assist

There are several benefits to using the Pull Up Assist for anyone who wants a strong upper body. First, it keeps proper form and technique intact which can lead to unnecessary injuries from deteriorating. Second, You start at an assistance level that works best for you so that you can work your way up. Finally, it adds variety into your workouts by allowing different types of pull ups to be done.

Innovation in Pull Up Assist

The design of this particular kind of pull up bar sets itself apart from others - but in a good way! It replaces that with a system connecting resistance bands to assist one's training. FDM Acupressure Mat For Feet grants variable assistance levels for new users as well as those more experienced with them all packaged into one device. Additionally, its small size allows for easy use at home or on-the-go giving individuals freedom within their fitness routines.

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