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The Pad Yoga

The Pad Yoga - A new and safe practice of yoga at home

Looking for a safe, unique way to get into Yoga? And here the solution is The Pad Yoga! It allows kids in elementary and middle school to practice yoga properly without compromising safety, which is extremely beneficial for them.


Pad Yoga is able to provide a more stable and secure surface for practicing yoga. The Pad Yoga Unlike a traditional yoga mat, The Pad is constructed using high-density foam to ensure that it stays put and will not slip or slide. This enables you to completely focus on your yoga practice without worrying about slip or skid and risk of injury.

Secondly, The Pad Yoga is so versatile. The mat can be used for standing poses, seated postures as well restorative and lying down yoga b. With The Pad Yoga, you can do all of your favorite yoga poses with ease regardless if you are an expert or a beginner.

Why choose FDM The Pad Yoga?

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We never compromise on the quality of our products because we are dedicated to offer premiumproducts. Years of research and development has gone into the design & prototyping, rigorous stress testing to ensure top quality for The Pad Yoga. We know that, finding our product like we have would surely make you fall in love with it.

Who It's For

It says The Pad Yoga provides access to those who desire an accessible space to practice yoga. The Pad Yoga is a unique tool for every level of yogi that lets you practice yoga with confidence, whether this is your very first class or you are seasoned in your practice.

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