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Ready to become The True Yoga Master? All levels - Whether you are just starting out on your yoga journey or have been practicing for years, our best in class mat and patented strap is here to support every step of the way.


Today, we will talk about the amazing benefits that our yoga mat and strap provides. A high-quality material that cushions your joints, giving you a luxurious experience during an exhausting practice. Its mat also features a non-slip surface, allowing you to stay upright even during tough postures and providing the security that allows us all to stretch ourselves beyond what we thought was possible Which brings me to the strap-I joke not when I say it has been a complete game-changer for yoga. It helps to reach deeper stretches, increases your balance in postures and allows you maintain those difficult poses for more extended periods.


At our core, we are an innovation company. Our team is continually evolving our products to provide the absolute best experience for your customers. The yoga mat was no different. Our uniquely designed and advanced technology infused woven materials are not only the most durable, but also a dream to clean (our health & safety standards) In Addition, This mat and strap are lightweight easy to carry making it a great practical addition for your home gym of yoga studio.


Safety is paramount to us. These yoga mat and strap have been specifically selected to provide the utmost support & comfort during your practice. Non-Slip Surfaces Keeps you from slipping during your poses NO MORE SLIPPING OR SLIDING!! Furthermore, our mat and strap are made of eco-friendly materials with no poison substances which create a secure environment for your yoga delight.

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Yoga mat and strap are perfect for many yoga styles like Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga or Yin Yang-yoga. These versatile tools allow you to adapt your practice based on what it is that helps make YOU the best possible version of yourself. Whether it be deeper stretches, strengthening or flexibility this mat & strap are essential in getting you to where you need to go!

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