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Yoga is an exercise that many people practice to stay in shape and calm, it is a fun way of staying fit. Anyone who practices yoga should know that he or she has to have the right equipment and gear, such as a high quality mat. One of the most indispensable tools for those who love yoga is a yoga mat - a cushion to provide comfort, stability and support during different asanas and exercises. But not all yoga mats are created equal, particularly when those afternoon hot-yoga torch sessions really heat up (literally). So, let us explore a little more about why using hot yoga-specific type of mat can really upgrade your exercise and experience at all.

An Effective Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga

Traditional yoga mats are a safety hazard in hot yoga; using traditional carpets can sometimes be dangerous because they will become too wet and then slippery. One is that the surface becomes very slippery when sweaty, making it difficult for you to maintain your balance and decreasing your ability to get into positions without hurting yourself. On the other hand, hot yoga mats are designed to absorb sweat while providing enough grip and preventing slip-ups so you can concentrate on your exercises without running into accidental incindents.

At the very least, they are better at making clean up good and easy after our sweat-storm classes (seriously humidity + Cynthea = lots of moisture that turns into bacteria & fungi (~ insert scary music here! ~) so yes your hot yoga needs a mat that can prevent stinkiness. Not only do you contaminate your mat with these microbes, this can also lead to infections and different health problems. In order to ensure that you will always have a hygienic practice environment the most every hot yoga mat has been made with antimicrobial materials which prevent the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria and fungi.

Quality: These hot yoga mats are made of a good quality material which can withstand the high temperature and humidity during steam sessions. They will not lose their grip or wear out like regular hot yoga mats even after extensive use, machine washes frequently and heated environment.

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Places to Use a Yoga Mats for Hot yogahot

Hot yoga mats are versatile equipment and can be used in many places such as yoga studios, fitness centers, homes or outdoors. Thanks to a variety of designs, colors and sizes from beginners looking for minimal features or clear instructions on where each hand goes to experienced yogis who want some extra grip in those challenging balance poses.

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