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Yoga Mat Towel

So, the answer is to have a Yoga Mat Towel. It makes you safe, clean and comfortable for during your yoga [class].

What are the benefits of a yoga mat towel?

This makes A Yoga Mat Towel a more practical fabric to add on your yoga practice. Firstly, it has the great opportunity to help you stay safe in your practice as a non-skid surface removes this worry on sweaty hot yoga days when regular mats can become quite treacherous. Secondly, it creates hygiene as you can wash and dry after every course without any bacteria or fungi in your mat. Thirdly, it increases comfort as the mat is thinner and more flexible so you can stretch into yoga poses a little easier and with ease.

Why choose FDM Yoga Mat Towel?

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Who are the Perfect Users for This Yoga Mat Towel?

Yoga Mat Towel is useful for anyone looking to make a clean, hygienic and comfortable yoga experience. Hot yoga practitioners, especially with intense sweating-no unravelling or pulling as the non-slip surface holds its grip. It is also great for those who are used to practicing yoga at studios or in other group settings away from home, because it can easily be taken off and washed before your practice. The Yoga Mat Towel is the perfect towel for both beginners and experienced yogis.

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