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Yoga With A Block

Are you sometimes unable to feel that yoga asana at class or think its too unattainable for someone so inflexible? You're not alone! This is a common problem that many people experience, and it can be solved with the help of a yoga block.

One of the best and most simple accessories which can help improve your yoga practice is a Yoga block, it helps provide balance stability. We will consider the benefits of a yoga block, how it can improve safety while you attend any class with a yoga studio and teach basic ways to use it plus when they should be applied.

Ways Yoga Blocks Can Enhance Your Practice

Initially, tra ining wheels were created to help the injured or with physical limitations practice yoga using blocks. Nonetheless, because of their potential to improve poses and become indispensable for many yogis.

The biggest advantage of using Yoga block is right alignment in pose! By placing a block under each hand, this will give you an even and better base of support as well improve your alignment. One example is struggling with Downward Facing Dog because you cannot fully press your hands to the mat.

Yoga blocks also increase safety by providing a foundation of stability and support. This can help if you falter a bit in a balancing pose, using that block under your foot will prevent you from falling.

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