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Thick Mat

Star AffiliateMatEx 1 Inch Thick Mat Foldable, Perfect Safe Playmat for Kids & Adults [Sorry!

Thick Mat is not just a mat; it is an innovative solution guaranteeing you perfect safety and extraordinary comfort wherever you are. No matter if you take a final stand, retreat to the seated position or lie prone on this mat that is designed with highest-grade materials for a plush yet supportive experience.

    Benefits of Thick Mat

    While traditional mats cannot compare to the thickness, this Thick Mat features an opinion of benefit that offers exaggerated cushioning for extra comfort. Built to last, constructed with high-density foam and will not lose shape or quality over time; Long lasting durability

    Why choose FDM Thick Mat?

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    A Variety of Uses, and a Warranty

    Use the Thick Mat as a yoga mat, Pilates mat, for bodyweight exercises and enjoy it in kids' play areas or use it under home gyms to make your floor routine more functional; our extra large 1in thick foam exercise mats are GREAT outdoor memory foam yoga mats! With warranty support, this product promises to return quality service and value for what you pay together as a package. If you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team who is always there for your immediate assistance.

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