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Improve Your Yoga Experience with Mat Towels

Tired of slipping on your yoga mat while you are trying to balance in a downward dog? Well, haven't you ever craved a lavish and more sanitized yoga experience where there is no odour pasted on those mats that get nothing less than 20 different butts for your comfort all the straight? Enter the Yoga Towel – assistant extraordinaire for both novice and experienced yogis!

    Why You Should Use Yoga Towels

    Simply put, these towels provide so much more than your standard yoga mat. For one thing, they give you much-needed traction during your practice to keep you grounded in each pose and not having to worry about slipping. Next, these towels are great for wicking away sweat and moisture so you can be dry (well as dry as possible) even during your toughest workouts. And finally, that they create a clean and germ-free surface for your practice sit between you & the mat!

    Why choose FDM Yoga Towel?

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    Yoga Towels For All Purposes

    Even though yoga towels are most commonly used in a yoga practice, they have many other uses outside of the Chazen world. This towels are great for use during hot yoga session, where it involves practitioners performing poses in a high-humidity / high-temperature setting. Yoga towels also can make your experience during Pilates, barre workouts and any other fitness routines more robust offering increased grip, absorbing sweat and maintaining cleanliness through the duration of the workout routine.

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